Boarding Rates

Listed below are our nightly kennel rates for each size accommodation. Accommodation sizes are reserved based on your pet’s weight–except cat boarding units and the Canine Cabana Suites which can be reserved regardless of size.

You may upgrade your pet to a larger size accommodation at the accommodation’s nightly rate at the time of check-in if space is available. During peak times such as holidays when the kennels are at capacity, we can not reserve or guarantee a larger space for your pet. However, our Canine Cabana Suites and Cat Suites are available on a first-come, first-serve reservation basis regardless of weight.

Dog Boarding Rates*

Boarding Size Pet Weight Range Nightly Rate
Cabana Suite Any Size $72/night–1st Pet
$42/night–2nd Pet (in same suite)
100 lbs and over $55/night
Additional Run $67/night
Run 51-99 lbs $46/night
Extra Large 41-50 $40/night
Large Cage 21-40 lbs $37/night
Medium Cage 11-20 lbs $34/night
Small Cage 0-10 lbs $32/night


Cat Boarding Rates*

Boarding Size Nightly Rate
Cat Suite $56/night–1st Pet
$34/night–2nd Pet (in same suite)
Cat Condo $32/night


Avian/Rabbit/Ferret Boarding Rates*

  • $21/night

Day Boarding*

  • 0-6 hours: $24
  • 7-12 hours: $28

*Prices effective for incoming boarders as of 1/01/23. Pricing is per pet and based on one pet per unit.