General Information and Policies

Ease your concerns about leaving your pet behind while you’re away. Let our qualified staff take care of him or her. We will provide your dog or cat with a safe, comfortable, “home away from home” atmosphere.

Veterinary technicians regularly check on the pets, and our kennel staff monitor the boarding area. You have the added benefit of knowing that one of our clinicians will promptly begin treatment if your pet has a medical condition during his or her stay.

Schedule your boarding reservation today! For a tour of our boarding facilities, feel free to drop by anytime.


All pets boarding must be free of obvious disease or infestations, including fleas and ticks, or they will be treated at the owner’s expense.

For the health and protection of all pets in our care, we require pets be current on vaccinations. If your pet’s vaccination status will be expiring during their stay, the vaccination will be administered at the owner’s expense.



  • DHPP
  • Rabies (age 12 weeks and older)
  • Bordetella within 6 months


  • Rabies (age 12 weeks and older)


We feed a high-quality pet food. However, if your pet is on a special diet, we recommend bringing their own food with them. Written feeding instructions would also help to make sure we feed your pet according to your wishes.

Proof of current vaccinations if not already on file with our clinic (see Vaccination Requirements above).

You may bring bedding or toys for your pet; however, please do not bring anything that would upset you or your pet if lost or damaged. We strive to return your pet’s items back to you in good condition, but due to the volume of pets, especially around the holidays, sometimes things can get lost/misplaced or damaged.

If your pet is on medication, please bring these with you as well as written instructions on dosage(s).

For avian borders, please bring their cage, feeders and food.

For rabbit boarders, please bring their cage, bedding, feeder/water bottle and food.


You may drop off or pick up your pet during the following hours. Please note the times listed are 30 minutes prior to our office closing. This allows our staff to properly accept/discharge your pet and make sure all belongings are promptly received/returned.


7:00 a.m.-6:30 p.m.


9:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m.